The school is managed by a team of well educated, qualified, highly dedicated . Their invaluable experiences in life and pearls of wisdom shall definitely be the guiding factors for effective management of the school and to shape the future of our budding students. The Motto of the school is ‘Education for Excellence’ in everything.


God Bessong Public School is English medium and co- educational school which is affiliated with CBSE Delhi upto Class X vide affliation No. 1630817. In due course of time the school would be upgraded to senior secondary level. The school is also recognised by Punjab Govt . as desired by CBSE.

Aim & objectives

The basic aim of God Blessing Public School is to provide a child with ample opportunities to explore, discover, develop and learn the skills of survival in this competitive world by promoting development of academic excellence, discipline, personal character, high sense of values and national integration among the children of the school at a reasonable cost.
To achieve its aim the objectives of God Blessing Public School are :-

  • To provide the best of educational facilities in rural area considering their paying capacity.

  • To groom children to be disciplined and work for their all round development.

  • To provide healthy competition in the field of education and sports.

  • To guide the students to become better citizens, future leaders and officers of India.

  • To provide a platform for the young children to select a career of their liking and aptitude and work for its achievement through career counselling.

Keeping the objectives in mind, the students are personally guided, motivated and trained for a better personality by conducting debates, quizzes, public speaking , singing, and other personality development activities. Besides routine co-curricular activities the school imparts value –based education. The school also plans to have its own Band and shall start Military training / NCC / Drill training / Aero-modelling classes in the next couple of years.